Molly Dapier was doing freelance reporting for mouthpiece sports outside Wrigley Field. She's a tall, attractive blond reporter who appears to be minding her own business. Unbeknownst to her, however, a Chicago Cubs fan covered entirely in blue paint decided that he needed to dump a cooler full of water on her. Then, proving that he has the intelligence of a lima bean, he (or someone claiming to be him) posted the footage of the dousing on youtube. Carry on after the jump to see why Erin Andrews having her outfit questioned is really the least of any attractive reporter's problem in Chicago.

I confirmed this wasn't staged from the folks at mouthpiece sports. Yep, it actually happened. The kicker is the guy yelling, "Welcome to Chicago," at the end of the footage. I'm not from there but does this happen all the time in Chicago? People are just walking around on the street and guys in blue paint douse water on them? I guess so.


This is how Cubs fans get a bad name, dumping water on blonde reporters [HomeRun Derby]