And they serve Madden-tinis there? Whoever came up with that concept needs to be forced to watch the entire season ofTell Me You Love Me without the sex scenes. Look, I play video games. Occasionally I get to have sex. But have we really gotten to the point where sex and video games are wedded this awkwardly? (Not that I'm against this in a strictly gameplay sense). Remember when Hugh Hefner was your dad's idol? And then he was kind of your idol too because he was an old dude but he could walk through his house and just point to hot chicks and they'd go have sex with him. Now Hugh Hefner drinks Madden-tinis. Sigh.

This is kind of stepping on a soapbox but isn't this what happens when only one video game company can make football games? It used to be Electronic Arts had to make a better product to beat the competition, now they can throw lame launch parties that also feature Tom Arnold and Verne Troyer. (Both are pictured at the party.)


But the name I can't get past is Hugh Hefner. Because when you look at Hef you think: He always runs the slant on third and 8. Or not. Damn you Madden and your sweet monopoly. I'll be there on August 12.

Madden NFL 09 VIP Premiere Party [First Cuts]