Classic. Our fearless leader, President George W. Bush had another Olympic photo-op taken in Beijing and once again he's almost caught shit-kicker eye-ballin' softball babe Jennie Finch. If he would like to continue this clandestine ogling he should really do it while there aren't cameras pointed in his direction. Slow, tortuous week this week with big boxes and broken links galore. August is just unbearable on so many levels. Here are some of the stories that made it somewhat worthwhile: • Waxing Off returnsDrew's excited for fantasy footballPoor SteveFavre finally finds a homeShawn Andrews is just not equipped for this cold, cold worldBeijing'inClausen is a Beer OlympianProbably one of the most intense discussions in commenting history This weekend, please welcome Sarah Schorno into the fold. Keep away from sharp objects and try not to spend all weekend watching the Olympics. () Anyway, have a good one people. Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin.