MDS has a great interview over at FanHouse with Josh Elliot about Sports Center going live. Elliot, who admits to being a Deadspin reader, talks about the impact blogs had on ESPN's decision to change the format. The whole interview is a great read, but this little gem about Peter King caught my eye.

Peter is just the sweetest guy, and he can just indulge his id at any point. ... So the food comes. And this is PK: He said, "I really need to talk to an African-American assistant coach. A guy who really should be a coach in this league, to talk about the percentage of black head coaches in the league. I need to talk to somebody like Ted Cottrell."

His phone rang 30 seconds later and it was Ted Cottrell, and he takes the phone call, and as he takes the phone call, the food arrives. And Flem had gone outside to talk to his wife on the phone, so Peter sees Flem's pizza, and you can see him thinking, "How do I ask the question so Ted will speak for a long time?" So he reaches over, and he grabs two whole pieces of Flem's pizza, eats them in two bites. It was the most staggering thing I had ever seen.

So PK stuffs his face while conducting phone interviews. Makes you wonder what he's swallowing when he's chatting up Brett Favre.


Josh Elliott Calls Morning SportsCenter ESPN's Acknowledgment of the Blogosphere [FanHouse]