Matt Jones comes back and nobody mentions blow? Or his arraignment on felony charges tomorrow? How dare they talk about football during a football game. All joking aside (because we all know how funny felony coke charges are), I'm not sure if this is a racial thing, or just uninformed analysts. Or the fact that we're so immune to the legal issues that nobody gives a shit anymore. Apathy is the devil. [Sports on My Mind]

• Skeets takes a look at which ballers would medal in other events. I didn't see LeBron on the list, but that's probably because faking a foul and crying like a bitch isn't an Olympic sport. [Ball Don't Lie]


• Barry Bonds' newest aspiration: college coaching. I'm not a fan of the man, but it's sad when someone who loves the game so much has to struggle to stay a part of it. And a good question is raised; does he want to coach college because he truly thinks he'd enjoy it, or because he's been shunned by MLB? [Larry Brown Sports]