There have been numerous stories about what Sean Salisbury's been up to since his unfortunate dismissal from ESPN last winter: He's been sulking quietly at home; he's been popping up at random football camps; he's just been hanging out doing his Salisbury-thing, embracing his new found freedom to cavort with the ladies and be a gadfly without ESPN management scolding him. Unfortunately, none of the stories ever included new-found employment. But we can all breathe a little easier because it appears Sean can finally stop using ESPN's Cobra benefits:"Sean Salisbury has teamed up with OPEN Sports for daily blogs and video. "Salisbury's Take" offers hard-hitting analysis for the NFL and college games all season long." Oh boy.Surprisingly, OPEN Sports is not an online gambling site based in Antigua. No, according to its "About" page, it is here to "super serve you with a next-generation, sports experience guided by a user-first philosophy, deep content and new and innovative applications. We will empower you to make OPEN Sports YOUR personal sports site." And what better to compliment YOUR site than a hot splash of Salisbury during the NFL season? Here's his first "take": Click to view Brilliant. Now, just so you know, I have put in a request for an interview via the Open Sports pr machine. So far the response has been positive (through them) but they are aware of Sean's inextricable ties to Deadspin and have said they're "waiting to hear back" as to whether he'll actually consider it. I've expressed my hopes that both he and I could both put our pasts behind us and we can move on to a more open and honest relationship from here on out. Does that sound sincere enough? Hope so. Salisbury's Take [Open Sports]