Without a doubt Dan Steinberg has conducted the finest interview of the 2008 Olympics. (Honest to God, I just linked the fleshbot Nebraska photos the first time. Whew, that was close. You're safe, I promise.) If you've been watching the Olympics you've probably noticed that Sager isn't wearing his usual blazers. But you probably didn't know that Craig Sager was a former Northwestern mascot or married a Chicago Bulls dancer who is 21 years younger than him. Enjoy. Sager on the Red Foxes Lithuanian dance team:

I don't think you've seen them. You'll notice them. They're hot. No, they're really, REALLY hot. They were very popular in Athens. You know, we're here long days. We got here today at 2, and we'll do a game about a 10:15 start. It's real long day. So our camera guys will focus on the Red Foxes. They even came out and watched them practice before the competition. Especially, you know me, I have a blond fetish, and you don't find many blonds out here. And so when I found out that the Red Foxes were here, I was very, very pleased. Their dance team, the Chinese dance team, doesn't look to me like they've been together long or they've been trained by a U.S. NBA dance team. And I would know, too, because I married one. I married a Luvabull from the Chicago Bulls.

Later on Sager informs us that he's been to over 250 Hooters and he's not impressed by the Beijing version. Why not? "I've been to probably 250 Hooters across the country and world. It's the only Hooters I've ever been to that didn't have any Bud Light or blonds. I was very disappointed." Of course you would be. Hooters in China can never equal the experience of American Hooters. It just can't. Bud Lights and Blonds: Five minutes with Craig Sager [Sports Bog]