College football season begins in 17 days. We're rolling through the coaches' poll top 25 with previews from bloggers, fans, and assorted felons. Right now we have only two teams left to pick up, Wake Forest and BYU. So if you want either of these teams, take them now by emailing me Otherwise the preview for Wake Forest will be starting quarterback Riley Skinner's nude photos. No one wants that. Except for people who subscribe to There has to be a BYU fan or alum reading Deadspin out there somewhere. Right? Without further ado, here we go with number 25, Fresno State. Our author is 2003 FSU grad, Brandon Webb. While the city (actually the entire Central Valley) is still in a state of euphoria over the Fresno State Diamond Dogs improbable run to the National Championship, expectations are high for Pat Hill’s Bulldogs. Things to look for: Strength-Running the ball down your throat Although Coach Pat Hill has received some criticism for running a conservative (some would say predictable) offense focused on the run, it has been mostly successful during his tenure. In a way that may be similar to dogs and their owners looking alike, it could be that a coach’s looks and their offensive styles go hand in hand. Running is rugged, Pat Hill is rugged Whatever the reason for the Bulldogs’ focus on the run, it is expected to be a very effective in 2008 because they are returning four starters on the O-line and have Sophomore Ryan Matthews (866 yards and 14 TDs) and Junior Lonyae Miller (609 and 7) to carry the pill. Look for them to improve on last year’s 15th ranked rushing attack. Weakness-Depth & Machismo I could have focused on the linebacking crew or D-linemen, but I think the biggest problem with the Bulldogs (and good mid-majors in general) is an overall lack of depth behind the talented starters. However, unlike other good mid-majors who hit pay dirt in a BCS game (see conference brethren Boise State and Hawaii), when it comes to scheduling Hill has about as much sense as the guy at a strip club who says “Alright, Pacman is here! This is going to be AWESOME!” Lack of depth and tough scheduling is not a recipe for success. Once again, Pat Hill’s mustache (which has never backed down from a challenge and does all the scheduling) has loaded the out of conference schedule with some heavies from BCS conferences to start the year (@ Rutgers, Wisconsin, @ UCLA in the first 4 games). This has been a theme of Pat Hill’s tenure at Fresno State. Also a theme of Pat Hill’s tenure: not winning a WAC Championship (3-way ties don’t count). Coincidence? Not likely. While it’s awesome to nearly beat USC (this loss is still talked about in glowing terms in the Central Valley, yours truly included) or pull off the occasional upset it truly fucks you over during conference season. Just once I’d like Hill to order up some cupcakes and see what happens. The only way to solve this will be for me to sneak into his house while he is asleep with shaving cream and a razor. Fury towards: Boise State It will never be 1/1,000,000 of the rivalry that Alabama/Auburn is but it is our rivalry and it’s all we got. Whether Boise considers it a rivalry is unknown. Exhibit A: the MPC Computers Bowl against Virginia, played in Boise, in which Boise fans actually cheered Fresno State due to conference ties (Back to my comparison, imagine an Alabama fan slapping on some Tommy Tuberville faux ears and yelling “War Eagle” at the Sugar Bowl. Yeah, not likely). Of course, Fresno State players did everything short of defecating on the Smurf Turf and Boise State logo, to the horror of all the Boiseinites. Well, you know what nice citizens of Boise, “FUCK YOU!!!!!” Fuck you for kicking our ass ever since you joined the WAC (1-6), fuck you for scheduling cupcakes every year, fuck you for stealing our rightful spot as #1 mid-major and fuck you for making everyone in this country fat with your delicious potatoes turned French fries!