Clearly this is an answer to those breast-flashing problems at the Meadowlands: "Jenn Sterger, a southern girl with flair, is taking her act to New York. In an effort to improve their gameday experience, the New York Jets have hired Sterger as the club’s gameday host." Take a lap, Jenn. [Randy's Radar] • One fan is taking the Adam Dunn trade pretty hard: "Nothing is sacred anymore. If a player like Dunn can't last in Cincinnati, no one will ever stick anywhere long-term. It's like discovering that Santa Clause isn't real. All these years, all these games, all those at bats. All the time invested and the road trips to see #44 play, and it was all for nothing." [Diamond Hoggers] • Brady Quinn fandom is a little scary: "I recently had the opportunity to speak with Adam Sorbo, a 23-year-old Chipolte employee who had the pleasure of serving Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn this past Tuesday. Adam was kind enough to answer a few questions and talk us through his Brady Quinn/Chipolte experience." [ClevelandFan] • What makes this synchronized swim team so dominant: Is it because they openly make out with each other at the end of a routine? Maybe it's a Russian thing. [Epic Carnival]