Thanks to Pau Gasol's 29 points the Spanish team overcame a 14 point deficit to send the game into overtime tied at 72. Then, much to the chagrin of millions of angry Chinese, Spain overcame karma and pulled out an 85-75 victory. But not before their team picture exploded into controversy. To such a degree that the Spanish press are going out of their way to defend the team. Spanish news site, Soitu's article suggests that the international media are making too big of a deal of the "slit-eye" photo. Their article commences: "What began as a simple graceful photo to wish luck to the Spanish basketball team in the Olympic Games has finished with accusations of racism and discrimination in the foreign press." Yes, of course, a simple, graceful photo. The fact that this photo exists isn't a huge surprise. Basketball players aren't renowned for their worldly perspective. What's unique about this photograph is that it ran in two of Spain's biggest newspapers. As an advertisement for a courier service, no less. And not one single person in Spain thought it was the least bit offensive. Only when other countries saw the photograph did it become an issue. Put it this way, what would have happened in America if the U.S. Basketball team posed for these photos on behalf of Fed Ex? Yeah, thought so. The Spanish press doesn't think these photos are a big deal, but the rest of the world disagrees. ¿Te parece ofensiva esta foto? [Soitu] Spain basketball team add victory to insult against China [The Guardian]