Mike Nadel has had an interesting couple of weeks after his feisty Erin Andrews column made the rounds and became the nexus of debate for both female and male sports reporters across the country. That type of traction on a story is something most sports columnists would probably cut off their chubby fingers for on most days. It appears Nadel finally finished reading his email and calmed the angry mob that lurks inside the Sportsjournalists.com forums. (And people think Deadspin is bad. Sheesh.) Nadel revisits the whole ordeal in his latest column and doesn't back off from his original attack but concludes,"Obviously, the issue resonated. Why? Because it's interesting, and because it's about more than one columnist's opinion of one television celebrity's comportment." Comportment. For some reason that sounds marginally erotic. Then again, so does "dishwasher" when plopped in a sentence about EA. To prove how much the issue resonated, Nadel runs some of the emails (250+ overall) he received. Here are some of the noteworthy ones: • "Ernie":"Well Mr. Nobody, you have your 15 minutes of fame. Enjoy it. It is pathetic that the highlight of your career is writing about a TV reporter's clothing." • National sports columnist (a woman): "When you write a column like that, the majority of people will assume that's how all women behave in the locker room, and it just provides ammunition for them to say we shouldn't be there in the first place. I also disagreed with you about Erin's outfit, which was appropriate for TV." • Dawn Eberle-Hanback, Allendale, N.J.: How would you like it if someone wrote an article about women laughing at your bald head? In short, sir, you have displayed not a whole lot of common sense or intelligence. • Anonymous: "You are such a LOSER! You really suck or are gay. Or both." Yep, those are Mike Nadel's readers. I believe that last one was from Jay Mariotti. Erin, Mike and the Opinionated Masses [Rockford Register]