More female tennis trickery: Elena Dementieva shows off her new T-shirt to a curious tennis ball during Olympics practice. The ball says, "I love that pretty blue stripe! Mind if I take a closer look?" [Down The Line] • This is the sort of thing they set you on fire for in China: "You spend your whole life getting ready for the Olympics, thousands of hours practicing, giving up everything in your life so that when the time comes, in your own home country, you can shine. The day of your event comes, the moment you’ve waited a lifetime for and you arrive at the venue only to be informed that you were in the second heat, not the third and are now disqualified. This is what happened to Chinese rower Zhang Liang who qualifies as the most embarrassed athlete at the games so far." [The Slanch Report] • ESPN as oblivious as the Hogan family, apparently:"Who else would be more appropriate to spotlight on the main page than the guy whose family is embattled in a legal and image battle due to a near-deadly auto accident? " [HHR] • LA Galaxy switching coaches?: I blame it on Beckham. [Unprofessional Foul]