As Tunison mentioned in his Maddenpalooza wrap-up earlier today, Warren Sapp is not a man who likes to have his picture taken at a media-related event unless he specifically grants you permission to do so. Ape wasn't the only one who received the hulking stare-down from Sapp yesterday, as the First Cut crew received similar treatment. As did ESPN's John Dorsey. On top of all of that, Sapp's appearance on yesterday's NFL Live show was a little unnerving. Imagine Emmitt Smith and Charles Barkley spliced together. Then put that thing on adderall. He rattled on about Favre's "PCP" said something about Favre going "balls to the wall" and then made the always charming armpit-of-America statements about New Jersey and Oakland. Sure, Sapp's always had that gregariousness about him and has been somewhat of a showman (he was on Punk'd, for crap's sake), but yesterday all told it appears he was a little off. Maybe he's pissed that he hasn't landed a higher profile television gig like some of his other retired cohorts? Or he just didn't like dicking around with a bunch of gamers and bloggers on a gorgeous LA afternoon. I guess plenty of people would want to start choking people if they were handed a similar fate. Warren Sapp: Not A Fan Of Photographs [First Cut]