Stunning!: “It may be once in a century we see something like this. The rest of the world is catching up to the U.S., the way I look at it – quite a bit. For him to be doing what he’s doing at this moment in time, with the rest of the world coming up the way it is, I think that speaks volumes. And the way he’s attacking this meet, too – he’s not just winning, he’s absolutely destroying every race. It’s awesome to watch. It’s inspiring to me." — Teammate Aaron PerisolPeerless!: “There’s nobody in any sport that can win like he wins. He’s not just winning, he’s crunching world records and crunching the fields. It’s amazing.” — Eddie Reese, U.S. Men's Swim CoachOther Worldly!: "I figured out Michael Phelps. He's not from another planet. He's from the future." — Simon Burnett, British "freestyler"It's Hopeless For Others!: "Poor Laszlo Cseh, the Hungarian who twice in these Games has finished second to Michael Phelps, was quite frank when asked by a reporter whether he had thought, during Wednesday’s 200m butterfly that he could actually beat Michael Phelps. “It never even crossed my mind,” he said" — Laszlo Cseh, Hungarian swimmerBlind!: "Phelps Is So Fast, He Can Win With His Eyes Closed" — New York TimesHe's A Sunrise!: "Word reaches me out here that some people back home think that Michael Phelps is “boring”. They are having trouble because his victories are “inevitable”. Perhaps I should point out that the rising of the sun in the morning is inevitable, yet it is the most amazing thing you will ever see in your life. It’s inevitable - still - that the swifts fly from Africa to England and back every year, but it’s still a matter of wonder and joy." — Simon Barnes, Times OnlineHOT!: "MICHAEL PHELPS IS HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT! :DDD HAHA. And he's like the world's fastest swimmer; he's already won like 5 Gold medals, isn't that amazing? Another 3 and he'll have reached his goal. He keeps smashing records and making new ones like OHMYGOSH. It's a good thing that everyday during recess the TVs in the canteen show him swimming. Is it pure coincidence, or is it due to the fact that maybe Michael Phelps knows that he has umpteen fans in school, and so he demanded that his match be shown at such-and-such a time? Okay that was so lame. But really, there are avid Michael Phelps fans in school! Everytime he wins a race, the whole, and I repeat, WHOLE canteen breaks out in a loud cheer. Like WHOO MICHAEL PHELPS HAS WON! Now even my mum likes him HAHA." — Abigail