I propose uninstalling this scoreboard now and preserving it in a museum. People of the future are going to want to study it, and it has to be the real thing; no one is going to believe the photos. Future kid: "Dad, how did this one team almost blow a 10-run, first inning lead?" Future Dad: "It's the Red Sox, son." Future Kid: "Dad? What's a Youkilis?" Future Dad: "We're leaving now." OK, you've had time to compute it, and that score up there is correct: Boston 19, Texas 17. So much fun. Let's begin. Boston took a 10-run lead after one inning. Yep. But it wasn't nearly enough: It took Kevin Youkilis’ go-ahead homer in the eighth — over the Green Monster — to secure the win. David Ortiz had a pair of three-run homers. The teams combined for 36 runs, tying the AL record set on June 29, 1950, when the Red Sox beat the Philadelphia Athletics 22-14. There were a combined 37 hits. The 19 runs were the most scored by the Red Sox this season. The Rangers had 20 hits — just like they did on Monday. Texas’ Marlon Byrd and Boston’s Dustin Pedroia had five hits each. Marlon Byrd! Ortiz had six RBI, Youkilis had five. And Rangers starter Scott Feldman allowed 12 runs ... and did not get the loss. Beautiful. Much hilarity on the Sons of Sam Horn message board, as the Sox Faithful sweated out the final two innings. Some highlights: "Epic squander. And they would have got nothing if not for Vazquez." — templeUsox "Fucking squander squad. I can't wait to hear what Tito will say after this loss. Can't wait." — WaynehousieHOF "Hey, shit for brains, instead of letting the hose rip some guy's mustang, pick the fucking thing up." — Norm Seibern "Is this the Little League World Series?" — The_Powa_of_Seiji_Ozawa "I blame this suckfest on Zink shaving his head before the game. He was doing exceptionally down in Pawtucket with a full head of hair...doesn't he understand anything about baseball, don't mess with what's working." — The_Powa_of_Seiji_Ozawa It was also a game the Red Sox really needed; they're 3 games behind the Rays in the East. And all of this without Manny! Youkilis' Three-Run HR Gives Red Sox Wild, 19-17 Win Over Rangers [NBCSports]