Gators offensive guard Ronnie Wilson was arrested in April of 2007 for firing an AK-47. According to Wilson, he did it because he wanted the intended victim to know what it felt like to be scared. Makes complete sense. Well, now, the 911 phone call that led to Wilson's arrest has been released. You can actually hear a gunshot in the background as the guy makes an incredibly detailed 911 call. Why is this an issue a year later? Because Urban Meyer has allowed Wilson to rejoin the football team. Presumably he had to leave the AK-47 behind. This 911 call is priceless. My favorite quote: "Two black males in the front, one with an extra, extra large white t-shirt and gold teeth on the bottom." What's amazing about this 911 call is how calm the caller stays throughout. Even when he thinks a large, angry football player is getting out of the car in front of him with a baseball bat. And even when he realizes it's a semi-automatic weapon as opposed to a baseball bat. That, and how the 911 dispatcher keeps saying,"Okay, I would go ahead and drive," as if people call from the University of Florida's campus while confronted by guys with AK-47's all the time. Hell, maybe they do. Despite firing an AK-47, Florida's Wilson allowed back on team []