Ah, August. You stupid, awful month. You're endless, you're hot and you bring us absolutely nothing to celebrate. The only thing worthwhile about August is that when it ends, we get football, baseball pennant chases and watchable television. And, back in 2005, the end of August brought us Deadspin. Which is why today, we (and I'm using we because I am talking for Deadspin Collective, and not myself, so there) call once again for nominations the third annual Deadspin Hall of Fame. As always, some parameters: 1. This is not Sportshuman of the Year. This is simply people/concepts/teams/zygotes/whatever who could be up for nomination. It does not matter if their notoriety/brilliance has come in the last calendar year. Barbaro has now been nominated for the Deadspin Hall of Fame twice, falling short each time. (The plaque is fake.) 2. The threshold for induction is 75 percent. Considering how difficult it is to get collective Internet people to agree on anything, this sorts the proverbial wheat from the proverbial chaff. (Whatever chaff is.) Last year, only Ned made the cut. Here's how last year's nominees were doing the day before voting ended. 3. Do not be intimidated to toss out any nomination you want in the comments section. I will sort through all of them and pick the top 10 nominees. They will be put up to a vote, two-a-day, every day next week. Monday , August 25, will be the last day of voting, and inductees will be announced Tuesday, August 26. It is good, however, to keep perspective; just because you're talking about Michael Phelps now does not mean you will be talking about him in a year. 4. Run forth, young maniacs, and nominate. Voting begins Monday.