Searching For John McCain. The Big Lead has a pretty funny account of how Dan Lamothe of Red Sox Monster tried to score an interview with John McCain. It's a roller coaster of emotion, as McCain's camp agrees, then ignores, then agrees and ignores again requests to have their candidate chat with Lamothe on sports issues of the day. Conclusion: "After more than 10 weeks, I’m throwing in the towel publicly on attempting to get 15 minutes of the presidential candidate’s time — something I am well aware is no easy task." [The Big Lead] • Confusing Olympic Photo Ops. Evander Holyfield shows up in Beijing, having his picture taken at Club Bud with recently defeated Australian tennis player Casey Dellacqua and other random tennis players. And Mark Spitz can't get an invite? [Beijing Sports Smog] • What Is This I'm Signing, Radar? While signing autographs at Cowboys camp on Tuesday, apparently Tony Romo was handed his own helmet by an equipment manager, and he signed it. Tremendous. [The 700 Level] • Faulty Goggles/Make Me Warm All Ovvverr .... Michael Phelps is flying high with five gold medals, but Speedo is in major damage control after Phelps' goggles failed on Wednesday morning during the 200 meter butterfly. "For the next race, they might want to check that suction, especially on that pair that's made for Phelps. Speedo execs didn't immediately respond to a request for a comment on the company's interpretation of the faulty goggles." [SportsBiz With Darren Rovell] • Olympic Tech Support . Trying to watch video of the Olympics on NBC's web site has been a frustrating experience so far. Every time I try to do it, my computer cras [Eric 2.0]