The video below made the rounds a couple of months ago, but considering recent events, it really needs to be revisited. It purportedly shows slippery-footed American gymnast Alicia Sacramone punching some dude and knocking him out (following the jump). As you can see, Ms. Sacramone has a pretty dynamic left cross. Now, notice above where NBC's Andrea Joyce is standing as she relentlessly questions Sacramone following her Olympic balance beam failure on Thursday. By my calculations, Joyce was about three seconds from having her lights turned out.

Joyce: "Alicia, did you feel responsible for your team's loss when you ..." BAM! (Twittering birds). Sacramone is from Boston, so perhaps shirtless dude is a BC frat guy who now finally has an interesting story to tell at Mary Ann's. UPDATE: The rumor is that the video was shot at Brown.