It's this type of behavior that drove Tatum O'Neal to cocaine: "The 49-year old hot head was disputing a line call when he received a code violation for using an obscenity. In typical style, John kept up the arguing and was given two more abuse of official penalties as the crowd began yelling for him to continue play. The tennis legend then offered the fans an obscene gesture as a "thanks for coming." [Down The Line] • Jimmy Rollins mouth is the team to beat: "Not only does he bash Phillies fans, he bashes Athletics fans as well. Rollins has no justification for saying this, especially since he was given nothing but wholehearted support last season en route to a 20×4 (20 2B, 3B, HR, and SB) season and an (undeserved) NL MVP award. This season, he's en route to finish with his worst rate statistics (OBP, SLG, ISO, RC/27; ignore counting statistics since he missed about 20 games, which skews the data) since 2005. He's a big reason why the Phillies' offense is so mundane." See Jimmy? You just got saber-geeked. [Crashburn Alley] • View Askew:" Former NBA journeyman, Vincent Askew, was released Thursday from Miami-Dade County Jail on $22,500 bond after being charged with three accounts of sexual battery of a 16 year old girl." [The Sports Point] • Jose Calderon would like to say Lo Siento: Food Court Lunch imagines what a Jose Calderon press conference apology would be like: "Ummm…I am very sorry for what I may have just said. Jose does not mean to offend, truly he does not. It is just that I feel we do not take racism so seriously in Spain as you do here." [Food Court Lunch]