Alright guys, this is how it works. You have a blog. You send me something you've posted on your blog. I indiscriminately post it, along with some idle commentary that I'll pass off as witty and insightful. Your pageviews get a nice little weekend bump and maybe some new regular readers. I get away with posting something created entirely by other smarter, more creative people. And then I SWEAR we'll make fun of Tyson Gay. Work with me here. —Another live blog coming up tonight. Yes, it's preseason football. Yes, it's Dolphins-Jags. But if any game needed some snarky banter injected into it, it would be one involving a Bill Parcells-run team. [Bright Orange Seats] —The guy that did win the 100-meter (328 feet) dash? Usain Bolt? He has an unlikely supporter in Elephant Man. And I guess this is how the guy actually talks [RMN Summer Olympics Blog] —Michael Phelps is doing great in these Olympics...but is it because it's his walk year? [Sports Comedian] —Jim Caple isn't making a lot of sense these days [Sean Leahy's Going Five Hole —The pool in Beijing was deep and cold, yes, but how deep and cold is the track? [Nat'l Sports Review] And keep those tips coming! Bill Parcells [image credit]