It's been both enjoyable and sad to see some of the stories coming out of Beijing. It's been seemingly one unpleasant discovery after another, between the poor girl who was deemed unpretty enough to sing the Chinese national anthem and the faux ethnic kids around the flag during opening ceremonies. But now we're finally getting that feel-good story out of the Chinese capital that we all needed. Why yes, it does involve nudity. The Bangkok Post has an exposé (hehe, bang cock) on the practices the Chinese used to whittle down the applicants to the 200 girls that would lead each participating nation into the stadium during the Opening Ceremonies.

The Beijing News, in a story detailing the latest opening-ceremony outrage, said stripping naked for measurements was a requirement merely to apply for the position. In an interview with one of the girls who competed for the high profile job, the 20-year-old college student Zhang Fan told the paper that the girls were put in a room and teachers measured them with a ruler. No specifics were given but the measurements were called "bone measurements" which typically include measuring the width of shoulders and waists, length of waists and height.

I got your bone measurement right here. One pant full. But, oh, yeah, this is just horrible how the Chinese are demeaning their women. I'm so relieved that there's nothing like this going on in America. Opening Ceremony: The Naked Truth [Bangkok Post]