Chris Carr played three years with the Raiders before heading to Tennessee for a chance to makethe Titans' club as a special-teamer. He even had two punt returns in an exhibition game against his former team last night. But that's not why we care. No, we care because among Carr's other varied interests, he owns about 30 Woody Allen movies.

The Titans signed the restricted free agent in April, ending his three-year run in Oakland and providing him with a new landscape to explore. And Carr really likes to explore. His movie collection isn't what you might expect for an NFL player He has more than 30 Woody Allen movies and is such a fan of the longtime filmmaker that he's pushing them on teammates. Safety Vincent Fuller recently watched Match Point at Carr's behest.

I'm sure Fuller loved it, too. Woody Allen movies are great, but I really don't like that nervous guy that's in all of his films. Titans' Carr A Renaissance Man []