Bronx Embalmer: "Angel did not want to be dressed in your typical suit, though. As you can see, Angel has on what probably is an Ed Hardy knock-off T-Shirt with the long white sleeves underneath (you know you rocked this same look in 8th grade). He also has on his Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses, silver cross necklace, and to top it off, a New York Yankees hat." [Sports At Random] • Dong Dong the Gangsta Trampolinist: Seems like the perfect name for the next mediocre jam band. [Simon On Sports] • Sean Avery is Zoolander:"Here, hockey's biggest douchebag pensively models the classic V-neck as part of Gap's new Fall print campaign. Having also previously scored an internship with Vogue (where he spilled beef stroganoff on a coworker), Avery has parlayed his clothes horseyness into quite the nice little side career. " [CopyRanter] • Prepare for the Agent Zero Hour: Gilbert Arenas on the potential for a reality show about him: "Ya know, so, I'm thinking about it, because, ya know, I have players like Nick [Young], who's goofy, so we can do paintball shooting and see who can get hurt on the grotto jumping into the pool..." [Real Clear Sports]