Or so that's the statement from Matthew Syed, whose eye-opening Penthouse forum-style article in the Times of London titled "Sex And The Olympic City" makes it seem virtually impossible for any athlete not to get laid while they spend time in an Olympic village. Syed is a former British table-tennis champ who participated in the Games in Barcelona and Sydney and is now a full-time sports journalist whose coverage of the Olympics so far has been positively Baylessian in its contrarianism. And then there's this:

Barcelona was, for many of us Olympic virgins, as much about sex as it was about sport. There were the gorgeous hostesses - there to assist the athletes - in their bright yellow shirts and black skirts; there were the indigenous lovelies who came to watch the competitions. And then there were the female athletes - literally thousands of them - strutting, shimmying, sashaying and jogging around the village, clad in Lycra and exposing yard upon yard of shiny, toned, rippling and unimaginably exotic flesh. Women from all the countries of the world: muscular, virile, athletic and oozing oestrogen. I spent so much time in a state of lust that I could have passed out. Indeed, for all I knew I did pass out - in a place like that how was one to tell the difference between dreamland and reality?

The two page article goes on and on and on in that snooty-sounding tone and basically tattles on athlete mating habits (female swimmers — total nymphos, apparently) and even their smoking habits (Greek ping-pong players love to light up) which makes it a little less enjoyable than it would be if he had just stuck to his own Olympic Village conquests. But his final takeaway is this: there's a reason why so many condoms were distributed to the athletes prior to the games. In fact,the final Beijing weekend is in full-swing right now and the last bouts of reckless banging are probably well underway. Wonder if Steinberg is gettin' any? Sex And The Olympic City [Times Online]