We've been irritated a time or six by a game official that felt they were as important to the proceedings as the participants themselves. We always had the urge to do something about them to return equilibrium to the event. However, we never got further than drafting a formal complaint and then forgetting to email it in the morning. (Also, we could never decide which federal agency to send it to.) It never really occurred to us to roundhouse kick the ever-livin' snot out of the official, but we also can barely lift our legs to carry our bloated blogging form to the fridge for our morning beer. The fellow with the upraised foot is Angel Valodia Matos, a Cuban Olympian in the art of taekwondo. The fellow with the recently upraised face is the referee that called a disqualification on Matos for taking a few seconds too long to recover from an injury. He seems plenty healed in this photo, so we assume Matos got caught with his pajamas down for milking injury time. Not pictured: Matos chasing another referee in a blue blazer, spitting on the floor, and being helped from the building. Pictured: The scientific result of having a foot full of tape and fury placed against a middle-aged man's face with some velocity.

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