We thought this would be about Erubiel Durazo: "... amazing footage of Oakland Athletics mascot Stomper going dumb." This video is from 2006, which totally makes sense why we're just seeing it. We assume this trend is long-dead now, yet we already miss it. [SPORTSbyBROOKS] • Bud Selig may want to hire more security next spring for the World Baseball Classic: "Thanks for the pancakes Olympics. Don’t forget your purse and shut the door on your way out. Bring on the WBC." [East Windup Chronicle] • From future DSHOF inductee J.E. Skeets: "Gil thinks about getting a vasectomy, but it proves to be a tougher decision than he initially thought. Pecherov has unsteady hands." [Ball Don't Lie] • WHAT'S IN THE AD DEAL!?!?? WE CAN'T READ!!!: "Snausages®, the official dog snack of the New York Giants..." What else do you need to know? [Watchdog] UPDATE: So, yeah. We didn't make it through the first day without a repeat of some kind. To make it up to you, here's more Stomper. Apparently, the pachyderm knows how to break it down for the kids.