Jessica Simpson was a big deal just a short time ago, right? We thought so. We vaguely remember some kind of movie she was in and she was singing songs and then she dated a guy we all heard of... all of that happened, right? Because now she's reinventing herself in the easier-to-penetrate country music market and showing up at county fairs and playing a "free" concert at Chase Field after a Diamondbacks game. When did this happen? Did the high price of helium damage her ability to keep her talents well-developed? We're truly stumped. Worse yet, that "free" part isn't far off. If a local Arizonan wanders into a Fry's Food and Drug and drops $15 on PepsiCo products, they get an upper-deck ticket to the game. They are, for all intents and purposes, giving tickets away to a Jessica Simpson concert. Neil Diamond is playing Fenway tonight, by the way. No free tickets; no game beforehand. Just, you know, Neil Diamond. And he hasn't shown us his chest in 20 years. Country music's newest star Jessica Simpson to perform at Chase Field following D-backs game on Sept. 13 []