Rudel Obreja, a Romanian technical official for the international amateur boxing body (AIBA), was suspended Friday for holding an "unauthorized" press conference Friday. This is AIBA/IOC terminology for "talking too much", especially considering the topic Obreja chose: "That One Time a Couple High-Ranking AIBA Officials Approached Me on the Sly to Ask Me Who I Wanted to Judge and Referee a Boxing Match for a Romanian". We hear that press conference kills on C-SPAN. Not that the Olympic boxing matches haven't had enough trouble with the judging, but an IOC official not attached to AIBA observed the gold-medal matches after extraordinarily odd judging decisions have yet again struck the same organization. Did we mention the rumors of bribes? Well, now we have. We're sticking to judged Olympic sports with integrity, like taekwondo. Judging scandal rocks Olympic boxing competition [Yahoo! Eurosport UK] Ed. Note: Transplendent image via Ring Report.