We have come down to the last few hours of voting for the Deadspin Hall Of Fame, so this is your last chance to make your voice heard. (Kind of. I'm not sure "having one's voice heard" is a major issue around here.) The 75 percent induction threshold is what's required, and there are a few nominees just hovering around there. Anyway, here are the percentages as of right now. The polls will officially close at 5 p.m. ET today. • Isiah Thomas: 84.3 percent. • Buzz Bissinger: 83.5 percent. • Marques Slocum's Fuck Lion: 78.6 percent. • Barbaro: 75.0 percent. • Erin Andrews: 70.1 percent. • Dana Jacobson: 69.8 percent. • Kige Ramsey: 63.1 percent. • Sean Salisbury: 60. 3 percent. • Nightmare Ant: 55.8 percent. • Matt Leinart: 46.6 percent. So, if you have strong opinions on any of those totals, you have five hours to speak up. Because some of them are awfully close. Is this Barbaro's year, finally? Can Slocum hold on? Does Erin Andrews have a late push? Only you can decide. The five hour clock begins now.