Everclear should write a song about this: "Seven former NFL football players — including Drew Bledsoe — are suing UBS, a Swiss bank, for investing their money in collapsed electronic-payments firm Pay By Touch. They claim the bank neglected to mention that Pay By Touch's founder, alleged cocaine addict John Rogers, was once charged with a felony. We'd love to know how an investment bank's lawyers would have framed this disclaimer in legalese." Other players who got hosed? Rick Mirer and Alex Van Pelt. [Valleywag] • Even you can't yell this loud: A harsh, critical indictment of the television show about two New York sports reporters screaming at each other. Compared to "Deadspin commenters" in the piece. [Playing For Peanuts] • The unintentional racism of your online sports book: "So when I learned that Bodog was offering odds on the first NFL player to wind up in cuffs this season I was intrigued. Then I looked at their list, a list that fails to include even one token white guy! Apparently Bodog feels that the only guys worth mentioning in the same sentence as “NFL player arrested” are black, and some of them don’t even make the slightest bit of sense." [KSK] • Let's! Go! Uh...: The Philadelphia Flyers are a "professional icefucker team"? [NeatSager]