Fortunately for White, unlike former USC teammate Carson Palmer—who told an LA radio station he hated Ohio State and their fans and then was forced to issue an apology— he plays in Tennessee. Which means he could probably run for Governor and be elected on the "Ohio State Sucks" platform. So don't look for there to be any apologies forthcoming from White. Not unless the CEO of Hostess Cupcakes threatens to pull his free year's supply. White made the comment during a friendly interview with a teammate—Titans center Kevin Mawae. The interview was for Thursday's Jim Rome show. White's response led the host to say, "White's comment was a complete non sequitur." To which White responded, "Hey, homie, I ain't gay." If only. Actually they talked about why Jim Rome loves him some McDonald's chicken. Or something. Ohio State-USC can't get here soon enough. LenDale White says Ohio State sucks [Sports by Brooks]