Charlie Weis got Theismen'd yesterday during the Notre Dame v. Michigan game. Did the fact that he was standing on the sidelines and not actually on the field make the rotund coach feel any more embarrassed? Heck no! After the game, Weis found out he tore two ligaments in his knee and he seemed rather giddy about it, "MCL and ACL," ... "How do you like that? I feel like an athlete ...... for the first time in my life." Video of the sideline mauling below: One of Weis' own players was pushed into him on a punt and contorts Charlie's leg/knee in a way it simply should not go. Fat guys will do anything to be just like Tommy Brady.

The Notre Dame haters out there can't be happy to see the Irish come away with a win over their rivals Michigan but to see Weis hobble back out to the field in a knee brace and crutches it pretty much the apex of schadenfreude. Like his friend Brady, Weis' knee gets torn up [Chicago Tribune]