Your Sunday morning NFL headlines to adjust your line... up of food for: • LaDainian Tomlinson's owie toe may keep him off the field (or, you know, not) for the Chargers' attempt to topple Denver down to sea level. Regardless, we require six in-depth profiles of his backups by Monday morning. After all, he's more important to fantasy fortunes than even Tim... Tom... whassisface. • As mentioned earlier by Enrico, Lane Kiffin might be fired if there's a beatdown in Kansas City. Or, you know, if they win. Or it may not happen at all if Al Davis find the "Quincy" marathon on TV Land. Or Rob Ryan drowns in gray. • Ike also hates your fantasy team as the Texans-Ravens game has been moved to November 9th due to structural damage. We don't really understand what Ike and the construction of the Ravens' offense have to do with each other, but we would never question the support services of our government. • Bill Cowher just gave the Patriots a virtual pep talk that sent us out the door looking to hit something. We apologize to our neighbor for getting our blood on their garage door. • Vince Young Watch: We're activating the GPS chip we injected into his tush and will do our best to give you his location during the afternoon. As for us, we'll be planted on our couch, giving you updates throughout the afternoon. First update: Apparently, old people like sex.