ESPN/ABC assigned Bob Griese, a Purdue alum, to call the Purdue-Oregon game this weekend. On Friday we posted that Erin Andrews felt the need to defend her objectivity after the Florida-Miami game. Well, it should be interesting to see what the response is from Bob Griese after he took a Purdue flag and waved it during the break between the third and fourth quarter of Saturday's game. While the entire stadium sang and danced to Shout. Video after the jump. Griese has been in awkward announcing situations before (anyone who is a college football fan will remember that he called a ton of games featuring his son during Michigan's co-national championship run in 1997). Generally, he's handled those situations well. But I have a hunch that taking a flag and waving it from the press box crosses the objectivity line.

Of course the fickle mistress, karma, immediately rewarded Oregon fans forced to watch this by rendering Purdue unable to exectute a toss pitch on the first play of the fourth quarter. Bob Griese is an impartial announcer, clearly [Brahsome]