It'll be interesting to see how Chuck Klosterman's new novelabout owls or something does comparatively to all of his other work to date. Will those legions of fans devoted to his pop cultural mash-up musings and heavy metal tolerate a "serious" novel from a not-so-serious writer?(My guess: probably not. Just how it goes.) But one media outlet completely devoted to helping Klosterman sell a few books is Page 2, where Klosterman writes occasionally in addition to ESPN the magazine. So he's like family. Maybe that's why left the curses in for the first portion of the day originally? The photo below is how it looked, oh, an hour ago.

Now it's been reworked with the more Disney-friendly f——ing's. Oh, to be inside the offices when editor Rob King realized this version made it up for so long. Somehow this is still Jemele Hill's fault. UPDATE: ESPN's official comment: "We received the original work from the publisher and mistakenly published it without editing out the inappropriate language. We caught this error quickly and made the edits, all within 30 minutes of publishing. We apologize for the mistake." So, 30 minutes. Klosterman: "Downtown Owl" Excerpt []