It's been a rough week for referee Ed Hochuli as The Worst Officiating Call In The History Of The NFL continues to get picked apart by football pundits, fans, and coaches. As pointed out yesterday, Hochuli has been busy apologizing to everyone for his botched whistle-blow in the Chargers/Broncos game. One person not surprised by Hochuli's incompetence is Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones, who took the opportunity to groin-kick big-armed Ed for his past gaffes as well. "That particular official gets a lot of criticism. He's a highly criticized official in the NFL," Jones told the AP. That particular official. Chilly, Mr. Jones. This is an overly cruel remark when you consider how hard Ed is taking all of this criticism. Don't the guns fool you — Ed Hochuli is a hyper-sensitive soul, who craves positive reinforcement. I mean, look at the type of music the man listens to when he goes running:

Runner's World: Is there one thing you listen to if you really want to kick-start your run? ED: If I'm really looking for a pump from music ... I'll setup my iPod with different playlists. I'll listen to the electronic. I got a lot of electronic or trance. That kind of music that has a heavy beat with no lyrics. That's what would be the motivating music, if you will.

Trippy. Maybe Hochuli screwed up that call (and many others) because he's suffering from the long-term side effects of MDMA abuse? Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones On Ed Hochuli: 'He's a Highly Criticized Official' [MDS' Fanhouse]