At least the Raiders didn't give Kelly a $50.5 million dollar contract with $18.6 million in guarantees last offseason. That would have been the largest contract in the history of the NFL for a defensive tackle. A defensive tackle who was coming off ACL surgery, only played in 7 games, recorded just 30 tackles and one sack. Wait, they did that? Oh...well this suspicion of a DUI isn't going to help things one bit. At least there are no issues in Oakland right now. Up until this point Kelly was a success story. An undrafted free agent in 2004, Kelly worked his way into the rotation and eventually landed a huge contract. A huge contract coming off a serious knee injury, but why quibble with that? Anyway, the tension in Oakland grows anew. Maybe Kelly can play quarterback. Or head coach. Oakland Raiders Tommy Kelly arrested for DUI [CBS 5]