Eat your heart out, Zack Hample. I think it's safe to say that this unknown lad will be the only fan in the history of the old Yankee Stadium to catch home run balls on consecutive nights. Yes Network TV guys Michael Kay and Ken Singleton (I think) are all over the story, with video of the same fan catching homers by Jason Giambi (Tuesday) and Johnny Damon (Wednesday). And to top it all off, the guy's T-shirt claims that he's the National Scrabble Champion. Triple word score! Video following the jump. After Damon's two-run homer in the eighth on Thursday is caught by this guy in the right-centerfield bleachers, Yes production guys notice that the fan's stupid victory dance looks familiar. Sure enough, they dig up video of Wednesday's game, in which the same guy catches Giambi's solo homer in the fourth. Click to view Can Scrabble Boy make it three in a row? Stay tuned tonight. UPDATE: Mystery solved, apparently. The guy IS Zack Hample. Here's his account of the first catch on his blog, The Baseball Collector. Video Of The Same Yankee Fan In The Bleachers Catching A Yankee Homerun Two Nights In A Row [Yankee Stadium Insider]