When we allow the government to take away our right to watch tiny ladies wrestle topless, what's next? Will they take away our right to vote? To breathe? It happened in Canton, Illinois: as police were shocked to discover that a recent "midget wrestling event" took place at the Outskirts Bar & Grill, which included topless female wrestlers. As a result, the establishment had its liquor license suspended for 60 days. From the Peoria Journal Star:

The penalty is substantial, Mayor Kevin Meade said after the city liquor commission voted unanimously Wednesday to suspend the license for Outskirts Bar and Grill at 725 W. Locust St. "It's meant to send a message to other businesses in town that this won't be tolerated," Meade said. Outskirts owner Kim Scott cried after the vote. "I'm not being treated like any other business," she said. "Don't tell me I am, because I'm not." Scott said she had a contract with the group for male wrestlers to perform. When the group arrived, Scott said, two women in oil were wrestling topless while she was outside smoking.

As one might imagine, this has caused much activity on the Peoria Journal Star message boards. A sampling: • I agree wholeheartedly with Jim Beam, for once, lol. What's the big deal! — JD • JUST BECAUSE SHE LOST HER LIQUOR LICENSE , DOES THAT MEAN SHE CAN'T STILL BE A RESTAURANT??? — cg • A Canton bar had naked midget wrestling. Just think about that for a second. — Barrak • Dang it. What are we going to do for the next 8 Saturday nights? — RegalBeagle • Classic Canton logic. It's a good thing Creve Coeur exists. — admin Liquor License Suspended After Topless Midget Wrestling [PJStar.com]