Hmm. Yes, I guess this could technically be categorized as "Nightmare Fuel" but at the same time, there is something comforting in the fact that 80-year-old bodybuilders like Ray Moon do exist. Actually, not all. These men should only exist in the darkest corners of a mescaline-ravaged mind or a Guillermo Del Toro movie. And to add to the freak-factor of the whole thing, Moon just won't quit on life no matter what troubles befall him.

Moon has overcome polio, open-heart surgery, prostate problems and financial ruin to become an Australian body building champion.

The man had POLIO, for Christ's sake. Yet, he's still able to compete in Australian bodybuilding competitions like this one in Melbourne last weekend. I really need to start taking some vitamins or something. ***** Tonight: Please remember to pull together some of your Yankee Stadium stories and send them off to Rick. That'd be great. Tomorrow: Will interviewed SI's Gary Smith (and a La Salle grad. Go Explorers.) and is sharing it with us. Hooray. Thank you for your continued support of the D-Spin. Ray Moon Photos [Yahoo!]