β€’ 12:00 β€” Golf: Ryder Cup [NBC] β€’ 1:00 β€” MLB: Boston at Toronto [TBS] β€’ 1:00 β€” NFL: Cincinnati at NY Giants [CBS] β€’ 1:00 β€” NFL: Miami at New England [CBS] β€’ 1:00 β€” NFL: Carolinaa at Minnesota[FOX] β€’ 2:10 β€” MLB: St. Louis at Chicago Cubs [WGN] β€’ 3:00 β€” WNBA: Detroit at Indiana [ESPN2] (Expect huge ratings here...) β€’ 4:00 β€” NFL: New Orleans at Denver [FOX] β€’ 4:15β€” NFL: Pittsburgh at Philadelphia [CBS] β€’ 4:15β€” NFL: Jacksonville at Indianapolis [CBS] β€’ 8:00β€” MLB: Baltimore at New York [ESPN] (I don't know how to put this, but this is kind of a big deal) β€’ 8:15β€” NFL: Dallas at Green Bay [NBC] (Something tells me this isn't necessarily the QB matchup NBC had in mind when they signed on for this game.) β€’ 9:00 β€” Movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon [IFC] (Please remember to take the drugs required in order to fully appreciate this work of art.)