News, notes and updates, delivered to you all at once, as you get ready for viewing Week 4 of the NFL. Please keep your hands and arms inside until you reach the end of the post. Carson Palmer is listed as the emergency QB this week, which means he won't play unless Nos. 1 and 2 go down. The move means Harvard alum Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting. Look for a more intellectual level of ineptitude from the Bengals as they host Cleveland today. Fitzpatrick had that one great game in 2005 and been rightfully obscure ever since. Backing up Ryan is Carson's brother, Jordan. Byes this week: Detroit, Indianapolis, Miami, New England, NY Giants, Seattle. Just so ya know. The Rams do not have a bye, and their head coach is almost certainly fired on his way out. Scott Linehan probably needs to win today to save his job. So why the fuck is he starting Trent Green? Did Linehan do this on a dare? Is he banging Green's wife? Anyway, Steven Jackson and Torry Holt are pissed about it, so don't expect too much form St. Louis as they host Buffalo today. Minnesota will have its backfield tandem ready. Chester Taylor and Adrian Peterson are both active for today, and will play. Browns QB Derek Anderson will play; Browns receiver Donte' Stallworth will not. Plaxico Burress is sitting out this next week because he skipped a practice, which is a nice departure for the Giants wide receiver, who usually just doesn't show up in big games. The Raiders' Lane Kiffin is not dead yet. After beating Kansas City and losing at the last minute against Buffalo, the NFL's youngest head coach is still hanging around. If Al Davis pulls the trigger on Kiffin, it could be after a loss today against visiting San Diego. That would give any interim coach two weeks to get the house back in order, as the Raiders have a bye next week. Matt Millen finally got his ass canned last week. Lions VP William Clay Ford said he would fire Millen if he had the authority, and apparently someone important took note. The ownership likes Rod Marinelli, so don't expect him to leave. Going 4-0 in the preseason means nothing. Don't even mention it. I will stab you if you do. Panthers head coach John Fox could have played Ned Beatty's character in the last Superman movie. Hopefully Hollywood will get him on speed-dial when they get around to remaking Deliverance. Matt Bryant will kick for Tampa Bay today, despite the inexplicable death of his infant son Wednesday morning. The Brian Billick Coors Light Commercials are almost as horrible as the Brian Billick offensive years in Baltimore. But this segment he did on the 8-man front for NFL Network was pretty solid. Broncos QB Jay Cutler has diabetes. We get it. Call me when he gets engaged to an ex-Raiderette, as John Elway did last week. And now, your slate of 1 PM games: Cleveland at Cincinnati, CBS Houston at Jacksonville, CBS Atlanta at Carolina, FOX Denver at Kansas City, CBS San Francisco at New Orleans, FOX Arizona at NY Jets, FOX Green Bay at Tampa Bay, FOX Minnesota at Tennessee, FOX