For the record, the Oakland Raiders attempted a 76-yard field goal on Sunday, and if that ain't a What-The-Fuck-Do-I-Have-To-Lose-I'm-Toast-Anyway moment for their head coach, I don't know what is. Seventy-six yards. To paraphrase some politician, that's the longest Hail Mary in the history of football or Marys. In other words, expect Lane Kiffin to be stuffing Raider towels and assorted small toiletries into his suitcase as you read this; he's probably already fired. But you know what? It doesn't matter. I attended the game and witnessed something I never thought I would. Me, wearing a 49ers hat, walking unmolested through the parking lot, past several tailgating Raiders fans who didn't even seem to notice. I even stopped and chatted with several notorious members of the Black Hole, who were actually courteous and polite. They offered me grilled sausages, and root beer. Root beer, not regular beer; or you know, heroin. Raider Nation seemed disconnected and listless. Costumes were slipshod, and taunting was non-existent. Even Gorrilla Rilla was absent, remaining in his RV listening to Frank Sinatra CDs until just before game time. And that was before Oakland's 28-18 loss to San Diego, in which the Raiders blew a 15-0 halftime lead. The Raiders, it should be noted, wore white uniforms at home for the first time ever. The Raiders in white! It's over; the heart has been ripped from this fan base, and that is sad indeed. Of course it's nothing a five-game winning streak won't cure. But don't count on that, at least while Al Davis continues to suck blood from the living. Right now the big excitement is the speculation on who will replace Kiffin. The smart money has him being replaced today or tomorrow, this being the bye week. Ray Ratto of the San Francisco Chronicle lays odds on possible replacements today, with poor, unfortunate James Lofton leading the pack. Don't do it, James! Run, while you still can! Of course we could all wake up on Tuesday and find that Kiffin is still the coach. Anything is possible at this point. Did you know that those Raiders fans also offered me salad? With Honey Dijon dressing? It's over, man. UPDATE: Sussman found video of the 76-yard FG attempt. Ratto: Who Would Succeed Kiffin? [San Francisco Chronicle]