In the spirit of Rafael Palemeiro for Viagra and Grant Hilll for staph infections comes Michael Strahan for...Vaseline. Now, now, now โ€” before everybody hops on the obvious slippery connotations of such an endorsement, it appears Strahan's gap-toothed grin isn't going to be on the front of the spooky, gelatinous ointment used for 8-year-olds with chest colds or as a popular sexual lubricant for the Russian bathhouse set. No, this is for "skin care" and is packaged in more salon-friendly black tubes instead of the squat little glass jars most of our parents had in the back of the medicine cabinet for 20 years. ( Oh no!)Anyway, the ad featured above was splashed across ESPN's front page and, well, could probably use a little more description to it so people don't start believing all of those rumors Strahan's wife lobbed out there during their messy divorce case. Oh, also endorsing Vaseline For Men? The Fightins' own Chase Utley. Dammit. Michael Strahan The Face of...Vaseline? [CNBC] ***** Tonight: Enjoy the live blog bingo party with Matt Sussman and the Furious Five as he attempts to keep up with the touchdown parade unleashed when the Baltimore Ravens meet the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football. Joe Flacco could throw for 600 yards tonight. Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Got a mosquito problem? Grab some SKEETS.