Boys will be boys: Emmitt Smith gets caught mouthing the line "women still owe me sex" during live MNF analysis intro. Maybe it's an articulation exercise the producers have him do before he goes on air? [Black Sports Online]• The perils of golfing: Seven ridiculous ways people have died on the golf course. Here's one: "Edward Harrison of Kenmore, WA was playing a round at the Inglewood Country Club when the shaft of his driver broke and pierced his groin. He staggered 100 yards before bleeding to death." Yeesh. [Rumors and Rants] • Warren Sapp's a big, black leather dancing machine: Or: "Bedazzled Undertaker invades Dancing With the Stars" [The Sports Hernia] • Vegas not rooting for Tampa: If the Rays win it all, it could cost Vegas a crapload of money. [Vegas Watch]