Honest Rip: Either Richard Hamilton is running for President in the 1860s or he's gone all "Witness" on us and joined the simple Amish life. Ask him about his butter churner! [World of Isaac] All seats must go: We're not saying it's panic time for the New Jersey Nets, but they're already slashing prices on their home games and the preseason hasn't even started yet. Oh, and don't think you're off the hook, Jersey-ites, because that new Brooklyn arena ain't going up anytime soon. (Thanks, Wall Street meltdown!) [Simon On Sports + The Star-Ledger] How do I choke thee ...: Previewing the 2008 Baseball Division Series ... in the always popular and accessible form of sonnets. [Mass Hysteria] SLAP!: Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price has the save of the year, and we haven't started the year yet. So do we still have to go through with it now? [Barry Melrose Rocks]