So you know that insurance commercial that shows Joe Torre in his new "lifestyle," doing things like drinking wheatgrass, carrying small dogs and trying to pitch a screenplay? Why didn't they show him doing at least one cool thing, say, leaning against a rail at Santa Anita, a cigar in one hand and a racing form in the other? At least it'd have been accurate, seeing as how the horses that Torre owns are about as hot as his Dodger team. [Big League Stew] • Here's something to make Cubs fans smile. Remember how the cameras would find chicks in the bleachers, and Harry would invariably slur, "There's a couple of lovely fans, enjoying tonight's game." And just try to imagine him pronouncing this year's roster. Ought to be good for a chuckle. Or, think back to when Sosa popped his cork on the field. That's funny now, right? [Babes Love Baseball] • Not doing so well in your office pool? Let's see if you can pick better than a Victoria's Secret employee. [Playing the Field]