San Francisco 35, St. Louis 3. The Rams are done. No, their season isn't technically over, but they've stopped playing. I swore I saw Steven Jackson sitting in the endzone during pregame with a picnic basket. Shaun Hill has thrown for 2 TDs and run for another. Jacksonville 14, Tennessee 3. Could the league's last unbeaten team fall? Maurice Jones-Drew has both of the Jags' scores. Kerry Collins is just 4-of-10 so far with one interception. Arizona 16, Seattle 7. Anquan Boldin just hit 100 yards receiving. He actually has 152—on just nine catches. Maurice Morris has Seattle's only touchdown. San Diego 7, Pittsburgh 5. Yes, that's right, the Steelers scored a field goal and a safety. LaDanian Tomlinson has the game's only TD so far, and Philip Rivers has thrown 2 picks.