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So cheesy: What's more disturbing? The dance, the uncomfortably tight Aaron Rodgers jersey or the fact that it's 2008 and this guy doesn't know how to work a video camera? [Docksquad] • So very 'Now': Another blog yearns to take down the World Wide Leader in Sports. Do you have someone picked out to start your car for you in the morning? [ESPN is Weak]• Suck it, Balto: Gene therapy can make dogs stronger, so it's only a matter of time before a human starts using it and wins the Iditarod by pulling his own sled. [Steroid Nation] • Not exactly Nostradamus here: Are the preseason basketball polls at all accurate? They can correctly count to 25, if that's what you mean. [Rush The Court] • A fitting end: You know ... some games deserve to end in a tie, because let's face it ... your sister has kissed a lot of dudes. [Dave's Football Blog]